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We at BondPOS IT Services Pvt. Ltd. are dedicated to provide the most advanced and state-of-the art software for the retail industry. Be it a Point of Sale Software or Warehouse Management or probably Inventory Control and Management. We are a team of 20 Very Highly Qualified and Dedicated IT professionals who are committed to provide nothing but the best.




Vikram Khosla


Mr. Vikram Khosla who is a great visionary and has vast experience of over 20 years working in various industries like manufacturing, exports, imports, wholesale, retail, Restaurants and operations of Food Courts is the mind behind this company.

Hiren Bhuva

Co-founder & COO

Mr. Hiren Bhuva who is only 20 years old and is extremely talented in managing the entire team and keep them motivated to deliver the highest standards. He is also an expert in Data Security and Anti-Hacking. At such a young age he also takes classes and teach aspiring it professionals about cyber security and how to prevent hacking.

Akash Fasara

Co-founder & CTO

Mr. Akash Fasara who is just 23 years of age has been composing programming since he was just 12 years of age. To a great degree sharp and centered he is one fine programming designer who has answer for each issue and works with a devoted team of 18 programming engineers alongside him. He trusts that the team is not working under him but rather with him as he works hands-in-hands with the team and manages each Employee from the team. As a being a Chief of Technical he always in the seek of new Logics and ideas which could help for users to increase sales & revenue. 

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