Best Grocery Store POS - Billing Software

At we provide the best Grocery POS Software with most advanced features like Inventory Management, Credit to Customers, Check outstanding report for all customers, Vendor Management, Automatic Requisition, Variance Reports and many more advanced features as mentioned below. If you own a Grocery Store or a Super Market in a Mall, Plaza or Market, we have one of the best solutions for you. Whether you have an existing hardware, or you intent to upgrade the a Tablet Based Point of Sale device, we will provide you the entire solution from hardware to software to integration and training.

You will have full control over your business and will be able to increase the sales with a lot of built in modules. You will be able to grow your business to a new heights.

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Grocery Store POS Software Features:

Inventory Management - Grocery POS Software comes with Inventory Management and Control.

Customer Credit - Grocery POS Software comes with "Customer Credit" feature so you can give monthly credit to your customers. 

Customer Account Statement - In Grocery POS Software you can see in one click all the customers account on one page and collect the outstanding payments. 

Payment Integration - In Grocery POS Software you can accept payment by cash, credit card, PayTm, Cheque or online and see reports accordingly.

COMPLETE GST Report - Grocery POS Software also comes with COMPLETE GST Input/Output Report so you can file your GST easily. 

HRM Integrations also comes with Grocery POS Software so the software will make your salary.

Vendor Integration - Grocery POS Software has Vendor Integration and mapping with products they supply. 

Promotions Module - Anything which is slow moving or is in stock for over a month, you can easily put in sale.

Offers Module - You can create your own combo offers or package deals.

Suggestive Selling - With one product you can link options or other products for upselling when the product button is clicked. 

Email and SMS integration - Grocery POS Software Email and SMS integration. You can send promotional emails or sms special offers on  birthday or anniversary.

Online Reporting. You can see your daily sales reports, inventory, cashier reports on the go through cloud based reporting. 

Daily P/L Statement - In Grocery POS Software you can see Daily, weekly, monthly and annual Profit and Loss Statement anytime.

Variance Reports - Grocery POS Software comes with Variance Reports based on actual consumption and ideal consumption. You will have full control on your business. 

Automatic Requisition - Grocery POS Software comes with Automatic Requisition and Ordering Module to make your ordering seamless.

Membership and Loyalty - Grocery POS Software also comes with Membership and Loyalty based points and offers.

Franchise Network Management - Grocery POS Software also has Franchise Network Management to manage all your franchisees from one dashboard.

Chain Store Management - Grocery POS Software has Chain Store Management to manage all your outlets from one admin panel in your Head Office.

Expiry Notification to control FIFO and Store Transfers.

And many more modules so you can focus on increasing the sales and expanding the business and leave the rest on us.