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Features of BondPOS

We @ BondPOS.com are committed to provide nothing but the BEST to our customers. Even though we are just a start-up company and are very new in this industry, we have done intense research and have come up with the most advanced features for Point Of Sale Solutions.


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Some of our Features are, but no limited to:

1. Tablet Optimised. Extremely fast and reliable.

Though BondPOS can work on any windows based device, we have optimised it to work on Tablet devices. Most of the existing windows based POS Softwares are designed for PC's only. When you install them on a tablet it works extremely slow, or it becomes extremely uncomfortable to work on small screen. We have designed it to work effortless and extremely fast on tablet devices. 



In all the varients the icons will show grey. But in F&B varient icons for all the veg items will automatically turn Green in colour and all the non-veg items will turn red. Grey colour shows all the items which are out of stock or you dont have enough raw material to make these items. If you have pictures for all the items, then it will show product picture in the middle instead of "b".



2. PayTM Integrated

We offer many payment options to choose from during Checkout. WHen you get to the checkout screen you can choose from Cash, Card, Credit, PayTM, Swiggy, Zomato and Online payment options. When you choose Credit option the payment goes to costomer outstanding account and after one month you can easily print the customer's outstanding payment history date wise and collect the payment. 



BondPOS also comes with PayTM integrated within the POS. Which means you get the OTP from the customer and the payment will credit into your payTM account automatically. 


3. Offline POS - Cloud Reporting

Most of the POS Systems in market are either offline or online. Because we understand that running a business should be effortless, we offer a seamless solution which is integration of offline and cloud based. When you use the POS it is 100% offline. Which means that you are not relying on internet to use the POS. It will continue to work even if there is no internet. But whenever the system is connected to the internet, it will sync all the data with the cloud server so you can view any report anytime. 





4. Industry Specific. 

Unlike most of the POS Companies who sell one software for all industries, BondPOS offers industry specific POS for every industry based on their requrements. We offer completely separate POS for F&B Outlets, Grocery Shops, Medical Stores, Optical Shops, Gyms, Salon & Spa, & Hotels / Serviced offices. Each software is individually designed specifically for each industry based on their needs. 

5. Centralised Billing & Debit Card Management. 

BondPOS offers Centralised Billing counter for Food Courts or events for better cash management and for minimising any cash pilferage. What this means is that customers can now pay by any mode of payment at one counter and either collect a KOT for their order, or can get your own prepaid debit card and use it at any counter for payment. Once they are done, they can return the debit card and collect any balance on the card immediatelly. 

BondPOS comes with built in Loyalty Card, GIft Card and Debit Card Management. We also offer these cards with your company branding on them at very reasonable price. 


6. Centralised Admin Panel.

BondPOS comes with centralised Admin Panel which can be installed in your Outlet's Back Office or your Head Office. Any changes made in the Admin Panel are reflected onto every POS terminal in real time. If you have multiple outlets and you want to offer a deal or launch a new combo at all your outlets, all you need to do is to make the changes from your Admin Panel and go to "Broadcast Message" module. You can choose all outlets with one click or choose individual outlets and draft the message about the changes, attach any file or creative to the message and send the message to all your outlets directly from the admin panel. This message will be stored in your database and you can review this at any time in the future also. The changes will reflect on all the BondPOS terminals and an email will be broadcasted with the attachment to all the outlet managers. That is how simple we have made it to control your business from one Admin Panel. 


7. Inventory & Recipe Management

BondPOS comes with detailed Inventory and Recipe Management Modules.



8. Built-in Accounts & Vendor Management.

You can manage all your vendors, make PO's reveive goods, make payments to vendors, check balance and much more from build-in vendor modules. You do not need a separate software to manage vendors & payments.



9. GST Input/Output reports.

You can ealily print GST input/output reports and file taxes on time. You do not need to enter all the information in another accounting software to get this information. Everything comes build-in into BondPOS.


gst report

10. Separate KOT Screen for Kitchen.

If you are running a fast food restaurant and you need a separate KOT screen in the kitchen, then BondPOS comes with this feature built in. You can just clear the orders as soon as they are delivered. 



And many many more Amazing Features. We can guarantee that this is the best POS software with most reasonable price available in the market. Buying BondPOS will be the best decision you would make to take full control of your business and focus on growth and profits. Let BondPOS manage everything for you and increase your profits. 


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